About School


The school is situated about 15mins drive from the outskirts of Tabuk city.

Our school was established in 1999 to cater for the growing number of expatriate workers in the North West Armed Forces Hospital.

As the hospital has grown so has the school. From a little under 100 students in 2005 it now has 475 students with many more wishing to join.

The School has two sections. The Primary school contains the reception children and classes through to year six and the secondary school has students from year seven through to Year thirteen. Each section has a supervisor and most staff specialize in a particular section. The school is a part of the North West Armed Forces Hospital and governed by its policies procedures and guidelines

The curriculum is based on the British model and lessons are in English. We offer opportunities to sit CIE checkpoint examinations as well as IGCSE and A-level subjects.

There is a strong Islamic ethos in the school as befits any school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In total the school employs sixty staff including teacher aides and administrative support workers.